We have the largest range of heavy equipment for rent.  Not only do we have the full range of all the standard excavators, dump trucks, wheel loaders, skid steers and dozers set up for underground tunnel works, we also have the largest range of specialized and custom build equipment such as short boom excavators, low profile excavators, long reach excavators, telescopic arm excavators, electric Brokk excavators,  rock bolting rigs, shotcrete rigs, road profilers, large trenching machines, surface miners, small road headers, dust scrubber units, generators, and electric rail rock cutting chainsaws. We also have the largest range of silenced rock breakers, twin headers/rock grinders, and excavator-mounted tungsten and diamond saws up to 3m.

Our large rental fleet of equipment is well maintained and suited to underground hire works. Backed by our unmatched support, you can have confidence in knowing that we will be there to give you the best availability on rental equipment around, backed by our field fitters and in-house transport fleet.

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