Our Latest Telescopic Clamshell Excavator

Our new telescopic clamshell excavator has been busy working amongst some iconic Sydney landmarks for a few weeks now on a major infrastructure tunnel project. As a factory build by the original equipment manufacturer, Hitachi, this excavator is the only factory-certified machine available of this type in Australia. The operator’s cabin slides forward about 2500mm so the operator can see the clamshell and area down the hole through a window in the floor between their feet. Not only is this a significant safety feature over others that rely only on a camera, it also significantly increases productivity. There are also cost savings compared to using a crane-and-kibble method.  Also, by not requiring a dogman/rigger, this machine can continue independently through inclement weather without downtime. This machine is producing more than 120 cubes an hour, with loading directly into trucks saving on double-handling of material. For more information contact our office on 1300 791 766 or rates@sutunnelandcivil.com.au